Python for Windows

Python for Microsoft Windows (XP and later releases)

Python releases include an excellent Windows installer. See the individual releases for details.

You may also wish to download pywin32, Mark Hammond's add-on that includes the Win32 API, COM support, and Pythonwin extensions. It's available from the pywin32 project on SourceForge.

Alternative Packages for Windows.

  • ActiveState ActivePython (commercial and community versions, including scientific computing modules). ActivePython also includes Mark Hammond's pywin32 by default as well as other improvements.
  • Enthought Python Distribution The Enthought Python Distribution provides scientists with a comprehensive set of tools to perform rigorous data analysis and visualization.
  • Anaconda is a free collection of powerful packages for Python that enables large-scale data management, analysis, and visualization for Business Intelligence, Scientific Analysis, Engineering, Machine Learning, and more.

Python for Windows CE

The PythonCE project on Sourceforge has binaries of 2.5 for StrongArm available.

There is an active PythonCE list.

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