Giblog - Website and Blog builder

Giblog is Website and Blog builder written by Perl. You can create your website and blog easily. All created files is static HTML, so you can manage them using git. You can customize your website by Perl.




Blog Example


Giblog is command line tool.
  # New empty web site
  giblog new mysite

  # New web site
  giblog new_website mysite

  # New blog
  giblog new_blog mysite
  # Change directory
  cd mysite
  # Add new entry
  giblog add

  # Build web site
  giblog build
  # Serve web site
  giblog serve

  # Publish web site
  giblog publish origin main

  # Add new entry with home directory
  giblog add --home /home/kimoto/mysite
  # Build web site with home directory
  giblog build --home /home/kimoto/mysite


Giblog have the following features. * Build Website and Blog. * Linux, Mac OS Support. In Windows, need WSL2 or msys2. * Responsive web site support. Default CSS is setup for PC and Smart phone. * Header, Hooter and Side bar support * You can customize Top and Bottom section of content. * Automatical Line break. p tag is automatically added. * Escape E, E automatically in pre tag * Title tag is automatically added from first h1-h6 tag. * Description meta tag is automatically added from first p tag. * You can customize your web site by Perl programming laugnage. * You can serve your web site in local environment. Contents changes is detected and build automatically(need L). * Build 645 pages by 0.78 seconds in starndard linux environment. * All build files is Static. you can manage files by Git.

Giblog Doument

If you try Giblog, see the following doucment. [Giblog Document](


Copyright 2018-2019 Yuki Kimoto C<< >> This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the the Artistic License (2.0). You may obtain a copy of the full license at: [Artistic License 2.0](