Article 4968 of comp.lang.perl: Xref: comp.lang.perl:4968 Newsgroups: comp.lang.perl Path:!!!!uunet!pipex!sunic!!!buboo From: (Ove Ruben R Olsen) Subject: Re: Questions about using Perl on DOS Message-ID: <> Organization: University of Bergen, Norway References: Distribution: comp Date: Fri, 13 Aug 93 07:59:21 GMT Lines: 28 Harold Wilensky: >1. Do the equivalent of "#!/usr/bin/perl" at the beginning of the perl > source file. I really hate typing "perl progname" instead of just > "progname". I use this: @REM = (qq: @echo off perl %0.bat %1 %2 %3 %4 @end :) ; # End of #! emulation for MS-DOS perl. >2. How do I get Perl to find the Perl libraries other than using the > "-I" option? require "o:\usr\lib\perl" ; OR: push (@INC , "o:\usr\lib\perl"); as one of the first lines in your script. \Ruben. -- Ove Ruben R Olsen a Gnarfer and VI user. EMAIL: Maintaining the EX/VI-archive and a Comp.Editors FAQ posting. People that are ignorant tend to live a frustrated life, at least when it comes to editing - But I do believe this is a general rule in life